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Help! I Put Chemicals In My Hair And It’s Falling Out. What Should I Do!?

16/10/2017 12:25:00

Charlotte P. Allen

The quick and easy answer?  Get the best Indian wig you can find and kiss that damaged hair goodbye, girlfriend! LOL  Come on girl, where’s your sense of humor.  Okay seriously.  This has probably happened to ALL of us at some point in our lives.  And yes, every situation is different so it is hard to give a direct answer.  But from my experience of dealing with damaged hair with my clients over the years, I’ve learned a few steps to quickly help my clients identify certain things before making critical decisions.  Here are two quick tips I suggest you should do:


1. Assess the damage to your hair to first see if it is repairable.  
    a. Has it fallen out completely?  In a few spots?  All over?
    b. How does the texture of your hair feel?  Soft, brittle, coarse, clammy etc?
    c. Bring a list of medications you’re taking.  Some meds and chemicals don’t work well together.
    d. And most importantly, what did you put in your hair to make it fall out or spotty in the first place?  (If you seek professional help from a Master Cosmetologist or a Medical Physician be sure to tell them all the products you used and the step-by-step process you went through to get your hair in that state.)  Oh, and don’t forget to bring the products with you.  The ingredients and the combination of ingredients can especially help the professionals to diagnosis the main problem so you won’t make that mistake again!  Okaaaaay?


2. Be realistic.  If it’s damaged then its damaged.  You might be able to hide the damaged part of your hair by covering it with the good part and use some of the best Moroccan Hair Oil but remember this.  You are only prolonging the inevitable.  Let’s just go ahead and get the snippin’ so your hair can grow back stronger and healthy.


   - Hey dearies, think about this.  There’s nothing wrong with cutting your hair low and rockin’ a fierce natural.  Naturals are in and a lot of ladies are wearing them, so you would be in great company.


Again, when in doubt seek a consultation.  Talk with those industry professionals and/or Medical Physicians to help you make the decision that’s just right for you.  Ask as many questions as possible and make sure you understand what your consultant is recommending to you.  Hopefully, in the end, you’ll have peace about it and feel you’ve made the right choice.   


Stay Elegant and God bless,


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E'Lure Salon and Spa Temporarily Closed (due to Covid-19)

In accordance with the local Rockdale County Shelter in Place Ordinance (in conjunction with the worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic), all non-essential businesses have been ordered to suspend operations until April 9, 2020.  Therefore, E'Lure Salon and Spa will be closed until the ordinance is lifted.

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